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2.1 Description of the heat treated pieces
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2.3 Weight in kg
2.4 Measures in mm

3. Heat treatment indication
3.1 Which temperature range is desired?

3.2 Which application is need?
3.3 If additional materials are attached
to the original workpiece, which are that?

3.4 Do you know whether there can be
explosive gases during the warming up procedure?
3.5 Does a data sheet of additional materials exist?
3.6 Do you know by experience which thermal
effect is optimal for your product?
3.7 Should the plant be electrical- or gas heated?
4. Description of charge:
4.1 How much pieces - as described under
Point 2 - should pass the furnace in time?
4.2 How much time have the pieces to stay
inside the furnace?
4.3 In which way have the pieces to be put on
the belt?
4.4 In which way should the pieces pass the
4.5 How will the pieces be put off the belt at
the output?
5. Indication of furnace dimensions
5.1 Depending upon partial size and throughput
quantity the furnace could be very long. If it is possible
to put the parts next to each other, the volume will
be more broadly, but the furnace length will be shorter.
Belt width not more then
Furnace length
In- and output
We need a cooling section
pieces cool down
6. Economical aspects
6.2 Delivery time for the plant?
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